Hi everyone my partner and I are moving to paphos in 3 weeks

Does anyone know the best place to look for employment in paphos and winter let

check out the jobs and rentals pages on facebook  -  jobs here all depend on your location flexibility and skillset  = paphos is primarily tourism based and it does go quiet in winter..

good luck

Hi thanks I’m a head chef hopefully I’ll find something

things here will be quietening down soon - but there are nearly always chefs posts available  - cant really comment on expected wages though...

Thanks toon hopefully I’ll findsomething just given my job up after 17 yrs in cornwall to move to Cyprus  what about renting  apartments is it better to go to a estate agents to rent ?

you can but personally id look at the many facebook rentals pages for the area you are looking at.. gives you a good idea of rents and what you can get for the money etc  - the choice is vast  - you can use an agent if you want to as there are no comms to pay as the LLs pay them

For the winter you can find many jobs in the hotels or maybe some restaurants.

Hi toon we have arrived and found a winter let for 6 month I remember you telling me where I need to go to apply for yellow slip to work in paphos I can’t find it could you tell me again please kind regards Dave

immigration dept in paphos   https://www.google.com/maps/search/immi … 375855,15z

we wish you luck fin ding work - its not easy as hotels, restaurants etc  will be winding down now and organising there winter shutdown... however having said that the centre of Paphos and harbour will be busier than the outlying areas - so good luck

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