Hi All - Might be jumping 'the pond' to get there :D

Hi all!  Really looking to try and chat with some locals, what's the best social site for that?  I am also new to 'expats' is anyone else really new?  Are any of you seasoned expats?  Nice to meet you all :)

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Is there anything we can help you with?
Here we have many kind of expats from different nationalities and backgrounds.

I'm also new to Expats and I'm also looking for locals and advice :)

I'm planning to move to the Netherlands  at the end of August 2018.

Between Eindhoven and Groningen, which city would you recommend?

welcome in netherlands in which part you will stay in holland ?
sure there's a lot of meet up's if anyone wanna to get involved with locals i'm always here to help and support, i live in Amsterdam.

Hi, yes.  I am escaping the USA (abusive husband) and doing what I always dreamed of but never did because well, love always kept me in San Diego, CA, USA.  I refuse to raise our unborn child around his increasing insanity and abuses.  So, I guess I need direction on how to get to my new direction :)  The Netherlands.  I was reading up and saw it may take up to 3 months to get some sort of passport, but there's different types.  I will be moving with the clothes on my back and looking to find a welcoming community where I can set up a good, healthy life.  I have a ton to give and great skills.  Just looking over all the options...so many options.  Where ever I move, it will be out of San Diego until I can officially get there if I cannot get there ASAP.  I would prefer to just move once instead of moving over the next few years, a few times.  Any advice?  Thank you :D

Hi Angelbuds and welcome to the Forum. :)

What skills do you have to help you find work?

Hi Cynic, a few skills are: Customer service, management, research, writing, homesteading, conflict resolution and I am a self taught scholar.  I did go to school in the USA, too, I just never paid the high fees for a University.  Any ideas?

Hi Angelbuds and thanks for the reply.

At the top of the page is our Handy Tools link; if you select that, you'll get access to our Expat guides which contains articles written to help you in planning your journey.

To be honest, while I understand the desire to get away from a bad relationship, you need to really think about what you're contemplating taking on.  You are going to need to work when you get to Holland.  To get a job anywhere, you need 4 key things:

  Relevant Qualifications (Holland is very big on that)
  Relevant experience
  Speak the local language

The more of those you cross off, the better chance you have of getting a decent job.  The skills you have described are not in short supply and you'll be up against the local population who will have at least 3 of the above.

Then when I consider you're going to have a new-born baby as well, I think you're nuts even thinking about.  Why Holland?  The US is a big place, have you considered moving out to the East Coast?

All that said, if you're determined to do this and have the money to support you in finding somewhere to live and support you and your baby, then who am I to try and stop you.

Once you've read are Expat Guides, if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

I wish you the best of luck.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi  :)  I have nothing in the USA now.  Not even an interest to stay.  Nothing.  No home, no family, no nothing.  I have travelled the USA and no, I do not wish to stay here.  Looking at The Netherlands speaks to me that this may be the new beginning I need.  Things resemble the USA but are different in ways I want and appreciate.  Why would it matter if I moved outside my county or outside my country?  I have to move, that is not the debate.  Only difference is I will be there instead of USA.  Everywhere you go in the world is the same in regards of getting a career, so that's not new.  Its just as hard to get employment in USA as there---so why waste my energy staying in a country I am leaving?  It's not insane to move while pregnant or with a young child when escaping abuse and you have nothing here.  I wonder if I said I am in Iran being abused if that would warrant different replies?  It is actually the wisest and best thing you can choose is to protect yourself and baby.  Staying in abuse is what is nuts AND completely abusive to an innocent child.  I will not endanger myself or child making a choice-tis why I am researching, getting everything lined up, then I will be there.  Moving to war torn countries is a nutty idea.  This is a great idea and thank you for the hint to click handy tools. 

I am so looking forward to concrete ideas, resolutions, so I love reading up and clicking the links---hopefully, I will figure it all out soon  :heart:


I get the desire to leave an abusive relationship; I would be doing the same thing myself.

The advice we give is based on both our and others experience from having lived in many countries around the world, we are not trying to discourage you, just make sure you are aware of the reality of the consequences of what you're considering.

Some help:

Immigration.  You will need to go through the MVV (Temporary Residence Permit) before they will let you in; it's part of the integration process; you'll also have to learn Dutch to pass the 3 language exams, that said, they are not that hard.  I'd recommend you start with the "Naar Nederland" organisation; this link will take you there.

Work.  Unless you can find a job before you leave, I'd recommend looking at the Uitzendbureaus (these are Dutch agency's where people can look for work; this link will take you to one where you can search for jobs.  There are others; for example, if you decide you are going to live in a certain town, just use Google, type in the name of the town, followed by "uitzendbureau" and it will narrow down the search.

Homes.  There are several websites that you can use, this link will take you to one that covers the whole country.

Cost of living.  The Numbeo website provides information so you can do comparisons between different places; this link will take you there.  It reflects the previous 12-months, so is a bit behind the curve.

Taxes.  A complicated subject in Holland.  This link will take you to a website that helps you calculate this.  I've set it to the minimum wage in Holland.  Based on that, you'd have 1,400 euro p/month left over, from which you then have to deduct local taxes, these vary depending on where you live.  You would probably be entitled to a rent reduction (huursubsidie) if you're on the minimum wage.  Also, be aware that as a US citizen, you are always liable for relevant US state taxes, no matter where you live in the world.

Have a look at these, then if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps. :)

Expat Team

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