Hi I was offered a job with ADEC through a agency in the Uk. I submitted all mu documentation and had been waiting for my visa for 2 months. Today I received a phone call saying ADEC aren't processing anymore visas for this academic year. I've put my house on rent and sold my car. Me and my wife have both left our jobs and we're ready to move. Can anyone advice what I can do about it? Or if it's happened in the past. Any advice would be appreciated

ADEC has rescinded a few contracts. Many suggest it’s because of the merge between ADEC and MOE. I suggest seek private school teaching jobs or see if you can fly out for Jan 18.  GOOD LUCK.

Hi! what happened? Did they give you a refund of your expenses for the documentation? I have similar experience too very is heartbreaking but what can we do? need to pick myself up and try again

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