Visa documents returned?

Just two questions that I haven't got an answer for yet...

Will I be given my documents all back after I have my visa application appointment?
And- for the visa do I need the police clearance translated and apostilled, or is the translation and apostille only necessary for the application for the immigration permit once I have entered Bulgaria?


Yes, your original documents will be returned to you except the police clearance document, make sure you have a couple of copies for future reference.

Also you must have copies of all your documents and passport ready to leave at the immigration office.

Police clearance:
It is better to have it in your own language and it must be apostilled.
Once you arrive in Bulgaria have it translated by a registered translator and show both the translated version and ORIGINAL version to the immigration office.

If you appying in Burgas then all necessary offices for translation, copying etc. are near the immigration office.

Good luck.

I need to clarify that I am currently asking about the VISA ONLY not about the IMMIGRATION permit.
Thankyou so much for your reply though.
When I make the application for the VISA will my documents be returned, including the police clearance?

In my experience all of the visa application documents were returned to me, except the application itself. I can't remember if they were returned the day I applied or when I picked up my visa. I almost feel like they made a copy of everything and returned the originals the day I applied, but I could be remembering wrong.

I had to have the clearance apostilled, but not translated. I am not sure if that is the norm or because I was an American applying while living in Turkey.

Where do you live?

If you in an EU country then you do not require a visa.

I don't need a visa to visit. I should clarify that I am an Australian Citizen applying for a D-visa for employment in Bulgaria.

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