How hard/easy is to find a job in Timisoara

Hello folks,
I'm Sasha, 43 years old Bosnian Serb and I'm planning to start living with my Romanian fiancee in Timisoara in about 6 months.
And it's kinda tricky, since she's not from Timisoara, but we just fell in love with that city when we were there and decided to take out chances there. Hard part is that, despite all of our wishes, money will be an issue, so - how hard will it be to find a job in Timisoara as soon as we settle and marry over there ?
Ofc, at the beginning, I won't hesitate to take any job that pays bills and by that time, my knowledge of Romanian language should be pretty good.

thanks for all replies in advance

RickH :

Hi All, I'm new to this site, but not to Romania. I've been visiting Timisora on/off since 2008 and I've been living here with my Romanian fiancee since 2015. If you are in Timisoara and want to make more friends, send me a message to say hello.

There is a still long way to go, but sure, you seem like a nice guy, and if I ever start to live there - I'd be glad to have a coffee with you.

RickH :

There are no shortage of start level jobs, here but of course you will need to speak and understand Romanian unless you are a Programmer, and they probably won't be too bothered.

There are plenty of jobs in the catering/restaurant business, such as outlets in the Iulius Mall (North of city) and Shopping City Mall (South of city). but due to seeing the same jobs come up again and again, they must be short term jobs of people don't like them. There is of course, McDonalds in the centre.

Lots of sales jobs in shops and call centre jobs, but all will be around the 1200-1500 Lei a month level. Some companies include coupons that you can use as cash in supermarkets as part of the salary value, there are also some manufacturing companies (mostly automotive) on the outskirts of the city will supply some sort of transport to/fom work. There is also Smithfields Pig Farm in the south of the city, they are always looking for people.

Obviously if you have a particular skill or qualification, it may assist you in finding work in the area in whch you specialise. Timisoara is a Unversity town, and has an unemployment rate of almost 0%, so be aware that people in shops will most likely have a Degree of some kind.

Thank you very much for the information you provided. It's quite useful.

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