Looking for a nice Airbnb apartment in Saigon

Hi everyone,

I moved to Saigon five months ago. After this short time here, I realised that tourists who visit the city only for a few days may not get the whole experience due to their short stay.

My family is coming to visit very soon and that's why I was thinking of finding a nice Airbnb apartment for them to stay. I would like it to be located in the city centre (since I also live there so we are close) and within walking distance to the main attractions.

I am working during the day so I won't be able to spend much time with them until the afternoon. That's why I believe Airbnb is the best option since the host can show them around (or at least give them good directions) and explain the ins and outs about Vietnamese culture. Plus, it's much more personal than staying at a hotel (unfortunately I don't have enough room in my flat to accommodate them).

Does anyone know any nice Airbnb properties that I can look at? They don't mind spending between 50-100$ which is a normal price for getting a room in Europe as long as it is a nice equipped place and clean.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing your recommendations.


I have stayed at a couple of nice Airbnb properties and my experience was great. They are called 'Tomato Projects' and they have many apartments (one bedroom, two bedrooms and even larger) throughout District 1. The hosts, Thi and Diem, were super helpful and helped me organised my trip when I moved here around 7 months ago (I needed a temporary place to stay until I'd find a place of my own). Their rates are similar to what you would pay for a room in Europe but it's totally worth it since the decoration of the apartment and the experience overall was great. This is the link to their listing so you can check it out: https://www.airbnb.com/users/21905301/listings

Hope it helps! Cheers

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julia_traveller :

Does anyone know any nice Airbnb properties that I can look at?

Why don't you look on Airbnb?   :dumbom:

Hi Julia

Have you found a place yet?

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