Renting a Car

I flipped though one of the topics where someone was asking if its more economical to buy a car in TZ or just rent out for a few months stay. I guess I find myself in a situation where I do need some information on how to go about renting a decent car which can stand the test of time of the roads in Dar.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or moreso provide me some guidance on what documents or paperwork I will require in order to rent a car.

Please feel free to advice if it is a good idea to rent or just jump taxis or the Bajaji.

In addition to that I have a british drivers licence, can I use that to rent a car?

Many thanks in advance


Cannot offer any information about car hire Vs rental as we have a company car.

Depending on how much travel you intend to do around Dar the Bajaji's can be very useful and quite cheap if haggled with.

You will be fine with a UK Driving License as you, by Tanzanian law, cannot hold a Tanzanian Licence. Should you become a national or gain a permanent residency visa then you WILL need a local licence.

As the 'traffic' police tend not to follow their own country's law, (in many areas), they may 'fine' you for not having a local license, so a duplicate, (inform the DVLCC that you have lost yours...), or an international driving license may also be of use. This is due to the local license having a smart square thingy in a corner which allows the policeman to 'fine' you - legalised bribery... (but you cannot say that!)

Hope this helps,


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