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Good point but I wasn't saying that puerto rico to completely copy vietnam, I was saying trying to reduce the ''JONES ACT" and get business to work with the local puerto rico government to transfer to solar and GREEN tech. Oil prices through the electrical grid isn't working.  the electrical power system there is a complete joke! that's why many of power plant techs are moving to the mainland, better wages.

LOL I got a email today through[at] asking people to call congress to extend the limit the ''JONES ACT"  call 1 844 877 5203  lets help the caribbean islands, you with me??  I already left a voice message to speaker of the house paul ryan.

Btw my suggestion on Puerto rico going solar?   Elon musk is supposedly in talks with the Puerto rico government involving solar panels, im glad they're finally seeing things my way.  Lol.

Just got an update from my husband that he has power! Yay! Still no timeframe on when I'll be back to PR though.

@Justpeachyy, I'm praying the island the entire caribbean islands somehow might rebuild better than before. As I stated earlier, the islands better wake up!  the mainland usa unfortunately has a fundamentally hideous form of disease called IGNORANCE, as I stated earlier, that 50% of americans don't know puerto rico is apart of the usa, and I guarantee you 40% of them don't wanna know. puerto rico, heres a suggestion, A-stop wasting energy about the 51st state thingy!!  this country is too backwards to buy into that deal, check back around 2050, that when this country won't be majority caucasian. B- be as independent as possible, as I stated earlier, solar is crucial, C-  try to get the JONES ACT abolished!!  D-PROOF??  since the temporary suspension of the JONES ACT, a german company is shipping over mini electric grids to the island, now that's what I'm talking about, lets use these disasters and do something positive. puerto rico electric grid needed to be replaced hurricane or not. Listen, I'm a firm believer that God helps those who help themselves, whats the alternative?  someone from the mainland usa throwing rolls of PAPER TOWELS at you??????

BTW, people that have made sizeable donations to puerto rico,  JENNIFER LOPEZ 1 million dollars - RON RIVERA coach of the carolina panthers 50,000 dollars - P DIDDY 100,000 dollars - I'm sure that I didn't mention other prominent donations but those are the ones I know. God Bless them, these are true americans!

Look, I really don't care about political he said she said banter. USA "provides" money and FEMA and whatever they're obligated to do and will "give" the governor whatever he asks, and PR is to manage and distribute. That's why PR has its own system of Government.

Something is clearly wrong with distribution. Now, wether it's local politicians hoarding supplies to themselves (.  Metro article on itgovernor asked Feds to investigate, and they found something is wrong already) or military and FEMA not being able to get there for whatever reason. There's no excuse. PR is and Island in hurricane alley and no one had a plan. There is no plan B.  New governor, new mayors all inheriting a mess from previous administrations. No money to prepare, only FEMA and federal government to depend on for a disaster. See how all this comes in to play to where we're at?

People are hurting. EVERYONE is hurting in PR and there loved ones who have to be away. PR is in the news now more than ever but it still is not enough. It's not ever going to be enough until things get back to a new "normal". All these celebrities donating money I hope to see boots on ground delivering supplies to the people. That's what I want to see. Show us, don't tell us.

A. Please stop generalizing the USA, its not about race it's about being educated in history/geography. Please stop generalizing and labeling and all that that creates more division because that makes you no better than the ones who are being prejudiced. I have a "Caucasian" in law who's roots are Puerto Rican/Asian and last name which I will not mention but will completely throw you off. I sure didn't learn about territories in school. I didn't know PR was part of the US until my husband n told me he got a job there. I didn't know Guam was territory until I met someone that's from Guam! It's unfortunately a random fact you end up coming across unless you know your stuff. On the other hand there are the "others".
B.  PR unfortunately can't be independent and it's going to take a while to get agriculture, and innovation on the island back on its feet. Plus on a military standpoint it's an area the USA is gonna need.
C./D.  Jones act needs to be gone. We've seen what can be done with and without it.

As far as the man throwing paper towels at the people of PR. I had to look up the full video and not the clip everyone is bashing. I like to make up my mind with whatever info I can get instead.
Taking selfies, making convo, getting some supplies and YES paper towels. This was the highlight of their day for many there. Is it enough? No. Not when 3.5 million people lack basic necessities.

Being in CA dosent feel like home anymore. At the check outs they ask if you want to make a donation to those affected by the recent hurricanes, but when I ask how is the money being used or what foundation it's going to. Not a clue! I'm placing a lot of faith in God and Rosselló to make the right and smart decisions in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico and the betterment of the people who decide to stay.

Peach, what is the water situation where your condo is?

As of last night my husband has no power or water. The problem in our condo is the water pump relies on electricity. No power = no water. I don't know what the situation is with the generator but if there's diesel, it's on during scheduled hours.  I do know that our area has water though, so there's no Oasis out for us to get potable water since service is technically back.

Anybody know what the situation is in Old San Juan? Water? Power? Grocery? Restaurants? I can't seem to reach anybody there.

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