current job oppertunities in engineering in iceland

hello all,

i'm about to graduate in Automotive engineering. this study offers a broad group of engineering skills like mechanical engineering, manufacturing techniques, electrical engineering  and modeling and control engineering.

i have a girlfriend from Iceland and am interested to move there as soon as i graduate start of 2018. to do so i'm currently looking for job opportunities in engineering companies around Reykjavik that might hire people that only speak English. i'm prepared to start learning Icelandic as soon as i would move there as well if that would be better for the opportunities.

Is there anyone that might be able to help me with some information on the current status for engineers that want to work there from abroad or point me toward some companies that might show interest in someone with my field of expertise

any tips are welcome

I can't help with the current job market question but the first company to come to mind that might be interested in your skills is this one:

they're international and work in the manufacture of prosthetic limbs

thanks for the information! i will look in to it.

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