Is return ticket must on visit visa

Hello ,
I have a querry regarding return ticket for visit.
I'm planning to visit muscat next month and is about to book ticket. I want to know if return ticket is must when im not coming from my mother country.
I'm an Indian citizen and currently i'm in saudi arabia which is not my mother country from where i would like to travel to muscat. I would like to know if return ticket is a must in this case.
I asked some people and they are telling that return ticket is not required when you are travelling from a different country because return ticket is a requirement of mother country to ensure that we are returning within the visa period.
I need to know if return ticket is required in this case ??
I want to make sure that it is not a requirement of the visting country oman. Please help me.
Will there be any problem in oman if i land without a return ticket..?? Will they allow me to enter the country..??

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