Latest rules for extension of business visa 26-9-2017

Hi all,

Does anyone know what the latest rules and fees are for visa extension?
I have a business visa.

Just saw your question and will try to answer clearly.

You have a Business visa, called E visa. You need an extension, so far it's clear.

You can extend your EB visa for 1 or 3 months without a work permit, for extensions for 6 and 12 months you have to either provide a letter from your employer or a work permit. These changes are introduced per October 3 this year.

Should you be retired and receive a pension, you can change to a ER (retirement) extension of stay, for maximum one year each time. Costs the same as EB extension.
If over 55 you don't need to show documents as proof of retirement and receipt of monthly pension payments. Under 55 you will have to prove your pension status.

If both do not apply or you need more time to get documents, you can apply for a EG (general) visa extension, for 6 months. If you have not found a job or don't have the required documents after these 6 months, you have to leave the country.

If you need a way out, there is always the ES (student) visa extension, which allows you to stay for max. one year.

Hope this helps.

Grim news on the visa situation Joe, though all good things as they say do come to an end someday, I have been giving a lot of thought on perhaps not moving to Cambodia since reading the latest, perhaps staying in India might be the less traumatic than make a big move. I do qualify for the pension type visa but was more interested in setting up a business. Will keep abreast, things may level out, all the best, Geoffrey Nielsen.

It's not really that bad with visa extensions. Compared to Thailand it is a relaxed system.

The confusion now is that they want work permits and letter of employer if you apply for an EB (business) extension. Even if you are freelancer there are ways to get your extension.

The exact regulations are not publicized and therefor each agent tells another story.

I follow it closely and a group of expats is trying to get in touch with the department of immigration, in order to have information first hand.

Also examples are posted of accepted extensions of stay and what documents were needed.

So in a while we will know more.

For now stick to the fact that for a business visa extension (EB) you need a work permit and a letter of your employer, as a freelancer you need a confirmation of your address by the immigration police and a letter from the commune police that you are working for yourself. With that you can easily get an extension of stay.

Good luck!

Cambodia Expat-advisor Team

Working for yourself sounds quite straight forward could be my avenue. Thanks for this info Joe, Geoffrey.

You're welcome Geoffrey :)


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