Looking for a job in the tourism field

Dear all,

I recently moved to Sweden and am now actively looking for a job in the tourism field. Ideally, I would love to work for a domestic management company (DMC), a travel agency, a tour operator or even a hotel. I have a particular fascination for the Nordic countries and am excited by the opportunity to bring my passion and expertise to a company based in Stockholm.

I hold a degree in International Tourism and Product Management and have relevant and dynamic experiences in the travel industry.
I have been working for a year in a French online travel agency and for the past two years in a DMC based in Myanmar, specialized in South East Asia. This experience further developed my confidence and skills in working either for direct clients, travel agencies, tour operators and event planning companies, making and offering a full range of tailor-made tours for groups and individuals:
- Thematic travels
- Luxury travels
- Familiarization Trips
- Cruise Services

Hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated, I enjoy challenging myself while meeting and exceeding the customer's needs. I am also a very well-organized person.

Is anyone working in this field or would know someone else who is?
Any advice or recommendation you could give me?

Tack själv,

Hi Rachel,

Welcome to Expat.com

You can also create your cv under the Tourism job vacancies in Stockholm section of the website.

Good luck


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