queries regarding medical health for getting a work permit in Bahrain

Hello Everyone,
This is neeraj k Sharma a healthcare professional from new Delhi India.
Recently i got a job offer from Blossoms laboratory manama Bahrain as a genetic diagnostic technologist .
So  I'll appreciate if someone here do provide me the process/procedure indicating all step by step in obtaining medical health check up including the all necessary  medical test panels  in my country of origin and then Bahrain after deportation there.

What medical tests are mendatory in my country of origin and in Bahrain too in the process of getting the work permit.


Refer to the below link:

https://services.lmra.bh/e-support/inde … aminations

If you have more doubts do not hesitate to call your potential employer and i am sure they can answer it for you


Thanks you for your time and consideration.I already had visited that link before  but as per mentioned that's  generalised and the test panel itself varies from one job profile to another. Is there any specific information  on that which suffice specifically my profile as medical diagnostic technologist.

One more thing i would ask, this is about the accreditation of this perticular laboratory as they haven't mentioned anything about the accreditation national or international as in India there are certifications like NABL, or ISO certifications or College of American pathologists certifications, i asked them about the same and they just said we are private organization. So my question is that in Bahrain anyone don't require any such national or international certifications or is there such regulatory body even exist or not. I am afraid whether its a genuine organization or not, i don't have any such sources to verify the authenticity of  this laboratory.
Blossom Medical Laboratories
Flat 32, Building 771, Road 143, Isa Town 801
Tel: +973 1717 9316
Fax: +973 1717 9318
مختبرات بلوسم الطبية
شقة ٣٢، مبنى ٧٧١، شارع ١٤٣، مدينة عيسى ٨٠١
هاتف: ٩٣١٦ ١٧١٧ ٩٧٣+
فاكس: ٩٣١٨ ١٧١٧ ٩٧٣+.

They are offering me 300BDS plus accommodation.
Is it enough to live normally with some savings or should i ask for more .
Is there earnings are tex free and what any other tex anyone have to pay as an outsider working in Bahrain.

Looking forward for your prompt reply.

Thanking you in intimation.

Warm Regards

Hello everyone,

I got an offer at BD 300 per month plus accommodation from a genetic diagnostic laboratory as junior diagnostic cytogeneticist in isa town manama.
Is it sufficient enough to live there with savings 175BD per month and living comfortably with remaining, does the salary is tax free.
What are other texes i had to pay there. I am from New Delhi India. How is life there for an single indian male


It will depend, you may need to have a very strict and a simple life style, refer to the below links which should give you idea about the cost of living

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