Saudi Arabia & GCC countries VISA rejected

Respected Sir, First of all accept my heartfull regards. I am from new delhi, India. My younger brother applied many times for a work VISA in Saudi /Dubai  & GCC countries but every time his VISA got rejected due to some unknown reasons.
My brother worked more than 1years in Saudi Arabia in  year 2013 but unfortunately he has to come back to india due to VISA issue. My brother was in Saudi due to a broker who induced my brother  ith a tourist visa but  finally he returned back to india after staying in detention camp for 1 month in saudi due to visa issue.

After 3 years, we are trying a  work VISA from  Saudi Arabia or any GCC countries but VISA got rejected.
We tried several times to know the exact reason for refusing his work visa but still we are unable to know. We are very frustrated because of it & not able to find any solution.

So, You are kindly requested that please check the reason for rejection of VISA every time. Whether my brother's VISA is banned in Saudi Arabia or any GCC countries . If yes then for how many years. We will be highly obliged for the favour. Thank you

My brother's details:
Name- Hussain Ahmed
Father Name- Mohi Uddin
DOB- 01/01/1988
NEW Passport No- N4811230

hi dear,
only saudi consulate or embassy can give details....

Assalamualaikum Zakkhan sir, but how can  i vist to Saudi Embassy/ Consulate to know the details for VISA rejection. Can i allowed to visit to Saudi Arabia Embassy in New delhi? Whether they will help me?

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