Looking for a home

My husband and I are looking for a house/cottage to live in, around Karen area/Hardy, Bomas area, Ongata, or Langata.
Prefereably in a shared compound. A budget is 50 K per month.
Any suggestions?

Check out the housing section at the top of this page. You can also place a free ad there too.

Hi MarijaWalt,

Here is the link to the housing section https://www.expat.com/en/housing/africa/kenya/nairobi/

Hi.that budget is tricky especially given the areas of karen/hardy,.How-ever you may secure an outhouse which is separate from main house but more like a 1 br or 2 br max..

I know it´s tricky :/ My husband works at Hardy, so that´s why we don´t mind if it is somewhere around... Hope we´ll find something.
Thank you! :)

karen 2 br to let
check above and maybe what you need..call up as i dont personally know this agent but you may want to check it out.

Thank you, sultanonelofts! :)

Hey Marija, in Langata you can probably find a maisonette in shared compounds for that budget. I cannot promise refreshed and sparklingly clean but it is worth walking around and ask.


I will. Thank you, NthNairobi! :D

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