moving with kids from UK

hello members, i am trying to move India with my kids and need help to chose which city , i got 7 and 10 years old kids and signal mother, i am not from India,  best city to learn music, sport activity and education, thank you

Pune city maharastra

Well I lived some major cities in India... My suggestion is bangalore and chennai... In terms of cost of living, transportation, education,sports activity,safety,jobs and other things. When compared to chennai Bangalore's climate is better... When comes to transportation chennai is best :) if you have any queries just ask me :) you're always welcomed here :)

Hi.. I have widely traveled inside and outside of India and living in capital Delhi here throughout my life. To me, nothing compares like Delhi. Actually it's center of politics and government has more focus on everything here than rest of the part of country. You can find international community here at church and many more things. It's well connected with airport and metro rail. You are most welcome here :)

chennai is best place.

Are you still seeking for information on this or got enough of it, lol

my recommendation to you is Gurgaon, its right next to capital delhi and its safe and great place for kids to learn and get involved into various activities.

Feel free to ask anything else you would like to get to know. would be pleasure to help  you :)

- TM

it all depends on how much money you can spend. If you have around $100k, you can definitely relocate to any city in india. You could also deposit money in an FD and live a peaceful life.

I suggest small cities in southern part of India. Any large city in india has all the usual drawbacks - traffic, high costs, high medical costs, schooling etc.

People are also warm and peaceful in small cities. They get a lot of spare time than those in big cities.

If you are a christian (dont mind otherwise), you can come down here with any christian missionary, they help you a lot. I see a lot of such people come here to do charity works. I am not a christian though :)

i would suggest living in south india because people there are more educated and good-mannered.Cities such as chennai,bangalore,cochin are more preferable if u r looking for a job

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