Work permit for a French citizen in Morocco

Hi there,

I am settling down in Casablanca where I am going to manage a communications agency.

I still need to go through the official procedure to get my work contract assessed by the Moroccan authorities.

Has anyone already been through the procedure and if yes would you have any advice about how to make it as quick and efficient as possible?
Also, do you know if I can apply for a residency permit at the same time (even if I am still waiting for the work permit)?

Many thanks in advance for your help!
Kind regards,


nope, because the work permit (contrat de travail homologué) is an essential document to apply for a residency card for foreign workers, you can save some time by starting to assemble the documents needed by the police station so the moment you get the work permit you can apply the next day for the residency card, the latter is the one that takes time hassling the most.


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