Jazz scene in Da Nang?

Arriving in Da Bang for a few months and was wondering if there is a Jazz club/cafe for live jazz there?

Jazz hotel has live jazz music every night

Many thanks Gary I will get down there.

I went Friday night Country and Western. Was Ok but not Jazz.
Not many there,  Prices Ok considering entertainment.
Female staff looked bored not usual chirpy friendly you normally get
in Vietnam.  Will check that Jazz is on before going again.

Many thanks.

you gotta look before you do anything here, 4 times on the road

Tell me about it!!!
6 weeks here already!

Hi John how do you like it?
I am two weeks here next Tuesday still looking for an apartment or house.


I am not sure its very behind the larger cities although its on the edge of a massive population boom in tourism they are not geared up up at least on the east side where its all going to be happening!
Its reminds me of Spain where I lived in the early 1980's !!

There is an enormous amount of apartments on this side or cheapish hotels too.

Food is very basic as I am used to Thai food, still I have lost a lot of weight!   But can count on one hand the decent meals since being here and that doesnt include my thumb!


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