Do and don't in Benin

Are you living in Benin? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Benin?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Benin?


Benin is a small country located in Western african region, between Nigeria in East,Togo in West and Burkina Faso and Niger in North.Beninese people seem to be talkative,but not agressive,peolpe are kind with foreign people, but they sometimes don't agree with those who marry their gilrs.However,ladies from Benin like to stay with expatriate boys, thinking they have more money. In Benin, don't collect what's thrown down,...

Don't have a road accident, and no matter how badly a motorcyclist drives, don't say anything.  If one motorcyclist quarrels with you, hundreds of others will appear and help him.  And if you say anything critical to him, he and his friends will damage your car, or worse.