Struggling to accept the French life

Hi all,

I am a recent graduate with a masters degree obtained here in France and about to start a new job. After 2 years of living here, I am coming to the realization that France may not be for me (although I willingly came here, adapted, became fluent in French, and tried very hard to like it). I am from the United States and I am struggling to accept the fact that there is just less variety of stores, food, affordable fashion, and basically everything as compared to the US. Before coming here, I thought the US and France would be quite similar but I am seeing I just can't get the things I need and am tired of struggling to find food I like, product and fashion variety, and just overall consumer choice and it really bothers me. I go to stores and they never have what I need and although France has amazing food, there just isn't enough variety of other food categories and I am honestly just not a fan of French food. Has anyone else experienced this after living here a certain number of years? Were you able to accept something that bothered you so much and affected your everyday life? I have desperately tried to ignore this and accept it, but after visiting other European countries like Ireland, Spain, and Italy, I noticed that France really lacks in consumer variety and is outrageously expensive when compared to these countries and it really depresses me because I feel like I am constantly over paying for crappy products that if I am lucky I can find. I didn't post this to complain, I am honestly really struggling with this here and would love your help and advice. Thank you all so much for your feedback :)

I would love to have this "problem". The things you mentioned don't bother me but I understand. I have heard others mention the lack of options.

I totally agree! France is really boring, overpriced, and no fun at all.
The only place I found to dance in Paris closed! The music is really different and borders on the depressing favorites of the French.

I did post that the French are #1 in the world suffering from depression.
Because of this, I am extra polite around all French.

Personally, I shop in the USA (Ulta, Sephora,, etc. for nearly everything.
If you want something, let me know. Maybe I can help.
I buy very little in France because they have very little choice as you said.

In addition, I dislike the taxes they put on American savings.
Americans  have no pensions, but the French feel they can tax our savings which serve as our pensions.

The French medical system is also declining.
2 out of 4 prescriptions were not covered as they were before in the last trip I made to the pharmacy. The pharmacist told me to expect more and more of this kind of price increase.
All the money we pay in taxes is to go to lower corporate taxes. Workers and retirees are to suffer austerity.

You can not compare any country to be the same or in fact, very few countries can be.  I am surprised you thought France and the US to very similar. The cost of living is very different between the 2 countries. Even if you compare France to other European countries they are very different, food, culture, general way of life.

At the end of the day, not every country is suited to everyone,


I did post that the French are #1 in the world suffering from depression.
Because of this, I am extra polite around all French.

I am not sure about that as these findings will tell you HERE


Thank you very much everyone, it's been a long time since I had so much fun!

This clearly demonstrates the inability of some people to move to another country and / or to integrate elsewhere. Whatever the history of these people, they will always find something to complain about in any country in the world.

Me too, there have always been things that I missed and / or disappointed in my expatriation abroad. But I have never made a disease of it.

Having already been to the USA about fifteen times for various reasons (professional and private), I recognize that there are many more facilities for various things. But on the other hand, when we start scratching the polish of big cities to go where the tourists never go, we realize a lot of really shameful things ... In conclusion, despite all the current problems, I believes that the US is no better or worse than Europe and / or the rest of the world.

You get to accept it and enjoy the little things like their gastronomy

"The French medical system is also declining"

Having experienced both the US and the French medical system, your comment made me smile! The French National Health care system was voted No 1 by the World Health Organization and for a good reason. Just this year I have 3 surgeries with full anesthesia and guess what? I paid ZERO, nothing. Try that in the U.S. Even the taxi to the hospital was covered! I pay €100/month for supplementary health insurance and that is it. I wouldn't go back to live in the US just for that.
As for shopping, sure, if you are used to cheap Wallmart, you won't find it in France but there is ZARA for one which offers reasonably priced fashions.

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