Tips for new arrivals

Any tips on airlines , how to store your cash ? how much cash to bring with you ? how is the airpot in PP is it wild and crazy or pretty easy to check out ?

also any good affordable gyms in PP area that do kickboxing ?

Why not read through the many posts on the Cambodia forum for the information

Bring as much small bills as you can, make sure they are clean no rips or tears newer the better, pp airport is very very simple, I've always flown China eastern, cheapest usually, I sometimes fly into Bangkok then take separate flight to pp, because of money , from Los Angeles, or San Francisco to pp or Bangkok for around 600$ round trip , so cheap if you shop around , as for gyms I understand they are expensive 50-75 a month more sometimes , but this I really don't know about?

Hey Omar, I was in the same situation as you although I'm older retired and the money thing is fine for me, I didn't know anything about this place and was apprehensive about the move, look if it doesn't work out trust me your 29 , you'll be fine, thing is it's real easy to get in and out of the airport, I can't stress to you enough how kind the Cambodian people are! But it's not for everyone. But super easy to get around , you will be asked for a ride , constantly, tuk tuk are safer for sure , kind of know where your going when you ask for a ride, as there is so many tuk tuk , they all need you, so if they didn't understand you, and you said I'm going to Denver , they would say " yes I know where it is" so have a clue, except for the obvious tourist areas. Have as many ones as you can carry , can't emphasis enough how if they even have a small tear many places won't take them, as a American you will find yourself walking down " sketchy" by USA standard streets, in the middle of the day , no worries , little market , food stands, once again rich or mostly poor Cambodian people are so very kind. Tuk tuk are twice as much as motors, motors are a fun ride and cheap , but obviously dangerous, I'm 60 I take them everywhere. But you choose , a three to five mile ride will cost you 2:50 -3$ on a tuk tuk, and 1:50  - 2$ bucks on a moto, , look motors get a ou there quicker and cheaper, now crime against tourist mostly late at night, mostly snatch and run, I'm 60 I stay in at night, violence isn't much of a issue, domestic kinds of violence, not beating the crap out of you in Dallas for your shoes, so it's safer here in Phnom Penh for sure, I have no great advice about late at night, except, don't go moto at night, and take a taxi it's cheap or even tuk tuk, if you have a bag sit in the middle, if never been bothered, but don't be apprehensive, it's a easy safe place !

Well said Twinguy. I concure. I'm 54 and hang out late in places maybe I shouldn't but have never had an issue especially with a full head of steam but I am a big boy with an even bigger Canadian smile.
I am new on expat and moving to Battambang next week so I value your opinions.
Thank you

Your awesome Twin , can't wait to meet you .

note on the tuk tuk drivers and moto drivers tip them it's appreciated, if it's a 3$ tuk tuk tide I give 2000 Reil , these tuk tuk and moto drivers as the song goes "they work hard for the money"  don't be offended by the two system pay thing, look a Khmer with her two girlfriends will jump on a moto , if you a westerner, you can't do this, they are not asking much more from you, but typical, my friend and I go to the coast she buys the tickets 8$ I buy them 10$ it's no big deal, so many people get upset over this?? A lady was sewing and she fixed my backpack , she worked maybe 10-15 minutes , she told me 1000 Reil , 25 cents, I can speak a little Khmer , I told her a western white guy like me at least 1$ , so don't be extravagant, but be kind , good luck going to miss seeing you I quess , I'm in the states for a few months enjoy Cambodia, get out to Kro rong and kro rong Solomon, you should love it, if you can do 800-1200 alone single should be able to do it , look my favorite restaurant is 1.50 a meal , huge amount , a Khmer lady wonderful food, so live like a Khmer buy your food from the many street markets, they have everything,  later my last advice from a old man , I'm thinking you will be fine.

Good advice.  Thank you. We arrive next week.

Hey John best of luck to you, don't drive your vette here ha, I've seen Bentley, rolls, but never a  Vette best of luck wherever you land ?

Hey great , the temples are amazing , great travels to you

Aw...not sure we could pull this off.....  if it were 8.00-12.00 for double bed or really a single bed and a cover for the floor would work well because I sleep on the floor.  should be able to do it , look my favorite restaurant is 1.50 a meal , huge amount , a Khmer lady wonderful food, so live like a Khmer buy your food from the many street markets, they have everything,  later my last advice from a old man , I'm thinking you will be fine.   
Does one just ask around for the Khmer lady that makes wonderful ! get a few names that way!    Part of traveling  is to live like the people to the best of my ability, it depends. but I am always charmed to follow as closely as I can. In all ways.  it is the old saying," when as the!!!
Always love your posts! Thanks

Hey I was talking to the young fellow that needed alittle more money , I told him 800$ a month total expenses, considering he was interested in going out at night! Oh you can rent from 100 up and even less a ways out of town , rent and food are cheap, two people living a more western lifestyle should do fine on 800-1000 a month , that's living good , hope that helps

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