What kind of can I do in Bangkok?

Hello everyone, I moved in Bangkok recently. I was work in mining company for a long. I want to develope my own business but not start yet. Until that what kind of job can I do in Bangkok? I am very quick learner especially on computer programs and very good at team work.

This might answer some of your questions:
https://www.expat.com/en/guide/asia/tha … iland.html
In short, Thailand is very protective of its labor pool. It's hard for a foreigner to get a job that a Thai citizen can do instead.

Thank you Ruffian Dick. Yes I feel so. It’s very hard to get a job especially for Asian except from fluently English speaking people.
Thank you gave me the information

It's not easy for westerners to get a job in Thailand too as many had came here to try. Most expats got their jobs here before they came here. Contracts were negotiated before they start work here.

There are expats who got their jobs here but on lower salary and less benefits. But this is very little limited.

Other expats here are having their own business here and you have retirees expats.

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