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Favor from all of you guys, could you please help me to know the procedures of getting visa.
I have my auntie living in Montana USA, she is already residence and has green card in USA. I want to go there with her sponsor, is it possible?, HOW?.. if no, what are the possible ways to go there.

Waiting your response.

Appreciated in advance. and are official sites and will walk you through all visa options. Family based visa is only available for immediate family members - child, parent, sibling.

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No your ant can not sponsor you,specially with a green card,she need to be american us ,only tour mother can sponsor member...mother or husband

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Uscitizen1986 :

You May Petition For The Following Family Members:

Spouse (husband or wife)Unmarried children under 21Unmarried son or daughter of any age

Is there a chance you would like to rewrite that last sentence?

I dont see no problem...what you dont understand???

The problem is in the wording, which doesn't make sense:

You may petition for the following family member:
- Unmarried children under 21
- Unmarried son or daughter of any age.

The questions are:
- Which of the two is correct?  "Under 21" or "of any age"?
- What is the difference between "children" and "son or daughter"?  Why separate the group into two different categories when the members are exactly the same?

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