Changing Employer in Belgium

1. The moment your new WP is active (19 Jan), the current one is invalid. I dont think you can continue working for your old employer anymore from 19 Jan. This is my understanding. You may check with your employer for official confirmation.
2. I dont think this is possible. To apply a new visa from India, you have to be there in India.

OK, I need to confirm with my Employer.
Also if we need to go back to India and resubmit the VISA Application.

Along with the application we need a Police Clearance Document. does the Police Clearance Document from Belgium valid as as document.
The reason in India we need to stay for 12 months to get a PCC. (I had a problem the last time since I was in India only for 10 months, had to go to Videsh Bhavan and explain).

Can someone help me with the documents which are required for the VISA and also if you know someone who can help in processing it

Dear Aneeshsk,

I need your urgent clarification.

Am moving from Work Permit to Individual(Professional Card).  I applied and got my professional card.

I resigned my position as employee and joining as freelancer.  I need to go to India to get complete my relieving formalities meaning I need to be in India for couple of weeks before I can come back to Brussels.

As the current RP is based on Workpermit, I could not change the status in RP to Individual (renew RP) and am sure my employer will cancel my Workpermit after I leave Brussels. I want to know whether I will face problem entering Brussels with same RP which is based on Workpermit, even though I have all other documents with me(Professional Card, Assignment Letter etc).

My RP is valid for another 3 months.

Please advise.


As we have read in the forums, WP cancellation is not resulting in an RP cancellation. As your new professional card is also approved (is linked to your RP anyway), there should be no issues for you to travel back to Belgium, based on what I know and read.

Thanks a lot for the clarifications.

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