Type D student visa not being processed

Hello everyone,

I am new to here and I've been browsing the forum for answers for some time. I hope you can help me in any way.

Briefly, I'm a Turkish citizen who applied for a Type D student visa for Belgium 3 weeks ago as I got accepted from KU Leuven to do my Master's. A friend of mine who applied for the same visa, on the same day, same hour, and from the same place, got his visa 2 weeks ago. Some other friends of mine also received theirs within a week.

As I contacted the Embassy and VFS, I've learned that the Foreigners' Office is holding my documents and that they are the decision makers. When I had a chance to get them on the phone, they told me that it could take up to 2 months for my application to be processed.

Now, I already missed the orientation week, but I am also missing the first week of the classes. The situation is uncertain. And all I'm asking is: Why is this happening?

My only guess is, as I was an Erasmus student in Belgium back in 2015, I received the same visa and also the temporary residence card. I dug deeper with my Belgian friends to find out if I did something wrong during my stay. All I could find is that I didn't return my temporary residence permit back to the commune, because I wasn't aware I had to, until 2 days ago. I thought including the card in my files would actually benefit me, which also the lady at the VFS counter encouraged me to do so.

I need any crumble of advice. I have a studio contract done for a year, and my classes are starting on Monday. I never had a visa problem in my life and my passports are filled with Schengens. I really appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you

Apart from telling you to go to the Belgian embassy and ask for assistance, there is no real possibility of solutions. You are paying as many others the problems of the influx of migrants.

I hope for you that the situation will unlock but...

hello , i am from pakistan but i have been in italy from 6 years so just i got italian long period UE permesso di soggiorno can i work in belguim with this docoments ? if i can work then for which card shall i apply , card A ? B ? C ? D ? please anyone can hlep about this      thnks

Sorry, you can't. It's not because you've got an Italian authorization that give you full access to work market anywhere...

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