Expats That Are Here For Hanging Out

Bonjour, I recently joined this forum. I'm Chinese, and a cool Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK), that's moved here again. I have some expat friends, yet as the saying goes, the more the merrier.  :) Hence, I'm happy hanging out with more expats here.

Feel free to send me messages, if you have free-time to hang.  :)

I am keen on hanging out. Please check your inbox mate; I sent you a private message Super Dude. Cheers!

Hi Mr. Super,

I actually understand you & Im sure we will get along good because my bestfriend is also ATCK.

:happy: Yes we should hangout & talk together sometimes.

Also my friends & me are expats.

During weekends we meet here in Global City.

If you want I can also introduce you to them.

I am in.. flick me a message. :)

Interested to join...please do keep in touch..

Big party January 13, 2018 at Resorts World

Hi My name’s Andrea. I’m looking to meet new people from other cultures. Let’s hang out!

Hy are you in manila?

I am interested ☺


Hi Mate,

I'm in too, i live in Makati, let's have some drinks.
You can add me please :)

When and where?

Hey everyone,

I am Filipino. Have been living in Canada for many years. I am self-employed and decided to live here for a while and use it as a base to travel here in PH and around Asia.

I'm currently living in BGC. I'd love to meet up to hangout -- drinks/club, food etc. I also like hiking, photography and into diving/snorkeling.

Reply or send me a PM :)

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