Do Norwegian men date foreign women?

melisa.igjen :

I do not know... I'm from Spain but now I'm living Turkey. I want to Learn Norwegian and I tried to speak some guys who come from Norway but They are not welcomed people at all. They are so weird I think :D

Hahaha... we are not wird... not to much... just a little hahahhaha.

But honestly.. You are right.
In general we are a wird kind of people.
But we also come in all types. :)

.. yes... I am Norwegian  ;)

I like Norwegian! But they are so shy! How should I date with them? Lol

Hy my name is Ruben, where are tou from?

Hi. Sorry for the very late replay.
The site stopped my account for some reason for some time...

Yes we (Norwegian) are wird.
The truth is that we (most) are complicated,  don't know how to flirt or act after the normal social norm of dating like in Europe and many other countries.

In Norway there is some of us that have been traveling, living in other places, been married to other cultures etc etc.
We have a little better understanding of "flirting/ dating rules " of other places.
But there is a lot that realy don't "have the understanding".

My advice:
As a foreigner, you will notice almost instant if this is a person the "know your way" of flirting/dating.
(Act like you would guess a man would act).
Then act like you would normally.
He will understand the hints and act on them.
But remember... this is NOT many Norwegian that are like this.

If you experience that the man act "little unsure/ immature" in the response.
Understand that this is normal for him.
(Even how strange we look for others).

Norwegian men do NOT in general know how to flirt. Or response in a good way to this.
So if you like him, enhancing the hints will help. (But not to much like over the top).

Or make it easy.
Eye contact, smile and this this things.
And if the opportunity is slipping away (becouse he is shy)... talk to him.
And ask....

Some like it a little direct... "should we go for a coffe etc".

Most like more:
Hi. How are you. (Some polite small talks), find a excuse (you are in a hurry, need to go to work or something). Then say (if he still didn't react) it would be nice to have a coffe one day / I would realy like to .... (what fits). So I can give you my snap/number/Facebook or something .. (if he want)....
Get the info... and walk away.

A good hint.....
When walking away (alone or with friends) turn and look at him and smile. Then walk. (So he see it, but not 2 times)
It will make the world for him.
And It can actually make him contact you...
If you are in a party / pub or anyplace with alcohol. It's a totally different story..
It's rare a Norwegian man will take the first step (sober).
We are a special kind of people.

But most of us (of course there is much f..kboys, special younger, don't even talk to them for more then1 night)..
Most are extremely good, loyal, much love, good father & husbands, respect and fidelity.

And almost nobody will react if you as a women act first.

Good luck 😉

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