A very important issue about accommodation - Free tips

Dear our beloved expat members,

You are more than welcome to this beautiful city. In your journey for renting a flat in Turkey, you should be aware of the fact that some landlords doesn't want international tenants due to some poor experiences they have encountered with them in the past.

We all know that prejudiced people are generally hard to change minds yet in order to minimize this situation they should rest assure beforehand over some important stuff:

You aren't an alcoholic at "over addiction level" ( They are afraid of this because some people lose their control and become assailant. Otherwise no one cares of what you do at home. 
You will not stay 10 people at the same house (google "depreciation")
You are capable of paying the rent monthly ( regular paying jobs are asked for even Turkish people by some owners - Most of them give priority to this over others  - Naturally :)

So when you are looking for a spot, be sure to also include your profession (don't write your salary to forums) because it helps a lot for some persuading landowners.

Should you have any further questions or help, feel free to contact me.

Good luck on your search,

See ya,


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