Another powerful earthquake shakes Mexico

Hello everyone,

We have learned with deep regret about the new powerful earthquake that wrecked Mexico this Tuesday, September 19.

Till now, nearly 150 people are reported even though many more are expected.

You will perhaps recall that this earthquake comes exactly 32 years after the 1985 earthquake in which some 10,000 people were killed.

The whole Team joins me to express our heartfelt support.

Stay safe!

Veedushi Team

Yes, Mexico city has many major problems, and sadly earthquakes usually have after shocks. We can only support those who are injured or at risk and wait. It's hard to wait and see if more will happen, but unfortunately it is the history of quakes.

People should get to safety before that time. I didn't even feel the quake this time so it is obviously centered in Mexico city. No guarantee that the surrounding areas are totally safe, but clearly Mexico is the target.

Thank you, Veedushi.  We are planning winters on the Pacific.   One never knows when a natural disaster will take place.    Prayers and good wishes are always in our thoughts.

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