KL - Buy or lease Car / choose GRAB/UBER - suggestion needed

Dear Friends

I am moving to KL soon.

My office is in petaling Jaya and I plan to travel everyday by taxi/car.

I have few questions :

1. which is better taxi service- Grab /uBER ?

2. Can I get a loan to buy a car - which is best bank to approach for this ?

3. is " car lease" a good option ?- I saw some quotes and realised that the lease/month for an average car is almost as much as loan installment/month for a luxury car !!

4. can I drive in KL with Indian driver license / international driver permit from India ??

thanks in advance .

You need your Indian licence authenticated.

https://www.indianhighcommission.com.my … ense.html#

Try out Grab for daytime journey before deciding on buying a car. You may find own vehicle is not a necessary expense (and hassle).

Thanks a lot :)

Car loans are tricky to get for expats because of risk of default.  There is a large downpayment needed of 30-40% of the value, I think a sponsor is required, and I think only new cars can be bought. Rules change quickly here so updates needed all the time. There are plenty of 2nd hand vehicles available. Vehicles are expensive in Malaysia. Price check on www.mudah.com

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