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Hi everybody,
very good friends of mine will likely move from Zurich, Switzerland to Atlanta next year and are a little confused about the schooling options for their children (mainly for their eldest, aged 11 and currently in 6th grade). At present, they are attending an international school following the IB diploma system and, given the fact that they will be in the USA on a 3+2 year contract, they were planning to enrol them in another International school in order to make the transition as easy as possible (especially considering the strong possibility of ending up back in Zurich during the last 2 years of high school).
Everything looked bright until an acquaintance told them that international schools in the USA have a bad reputation (apparently they are for "troubled" children) and they should opt for a local school.
Anyone has a first hand experience with International schools in Atlanta and can shed some light? We know public schooling in the area is great, but having to relocate often, the international option so far has proven a source of stability. They obviously don't intend to compromise on education quality though, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Greetings from Switzerland!

That's quite a troubling message from your friend's acquaintance. I don't believe that's the case at all for the Atlanta International School. We were in Atlanta for 4 years, (we are Australian), our kids attended local schools because we lived quite far from the International School. However I know quite a few families who attended and I know a current staff member whose child attends as well. The school is well thought of in the expat community in Altanta which is substantial because it is a big business centre. Please let your friend know there's not as much to worry about as she might think. No school will be the same as the one you are leaving, all schools have pros and cons. I'm sure there are some facebook groups that your friend can joint to ask other parents questions about the school that concern them.

Dear Nikki, thank you very much for your reassuring reply!

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