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Good evening all.

My name is Corrado. I am an Italian that has lived in Africa most my life. My wife, son and i lived in Durban, South Africa. My wife was offered a position in Nairobi a couple months ago as bakery manager for The Naivas Group. The package she was offered included a house and assistance with schooling. However we have not been informed of how much their contribution to thw schooling will be.

We currently reside in Edenville Garden Estate and are looking for a decent fair priced international school in this area. One of the main reasons we left SA was the level of schooling there. It is classified as a Bantu education and is not recognized anywhere except SA.

Could anyone make some recommendations.

Thank you

Sorry, Corrado international schools are overly expensive here. From 10000€ a year to 24000€ depending on the age of kids. Absolute best is ISK (US) CARISSIMA! out of reach for many, Several are good and follow the British curriculum (AS-A levels), Braeburn also provIdes IB.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. What about private schools? Is their educationn any good and is it recognized abroad? If so any recommendations on these?

Thanks in advance

Hi Corrado, all good schools are private here (I mean non governmental) but depending on the age of kids, yes there are school less expensive that have a good level and follow the British curriculum. I teach French to local kids here, I could enquire. However, if your kid is headed to A-AS  levels or IB, you have no choice and pay full price. You should ask a minimum of 10000 USD of education allowance.

No Italian school here but a French lycee, last time I checked it was around 10k euro for a 16 year old, a little less than the others.


Hi, if you are in garden estate then the you should check Braeburn garden estate, it’s a good school....

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