Hello and need a new rental agent / cleaning firm, Lagos

Good afternoon (well, it's afternoon but I'm in Manchester, UK at work so maybe not that good!).
I'm Kim, married to Bruce, both over 55, children no longer at home.

We bought a two bed apartment in Lagos a few months ago but really want a new agent to look after it. The current one takes 25%, and takes ages to get anything done. Plus the state of the cleaning is atrocious (a friend went over as a mysterious shopper).

It's rented out in the main unless we or our family want to use it. So need someone to manage the bookings, payments, cleaning and all the other bits. Any suggestions?

We hope to retire there in a few years.

Warmest regards from a cold grey Manchester.

Hi Midnightmouse,

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Here's a list of real estate professionals from Expat.com business directory that you can reach out to :
- Real estate in Algarve



Thank you Chris, appreciated 😊

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