want to locate a indian salon/parlour

My question is for Indian ladies. I'm new at Nairobi. I just want to locate a indian salon/parlour. Can you please guide me with this.

Hope you are doing fine
You can try DP as it is like a mini India.
Hope this will help .
Which part of India you belong from


hey thats great . so are you a bong. really great to see a bong here and that too near pujas. subho durga puja . so what do u do

you can look for it in westlands area

Hi Mumps.
Nice to know you are from West Bengal.
I am from west bengal too & shortly moving in to Nairobi.

Which part of Nairobi do you stay?
Take care.

Aroop K.

Welcome and get some good misti from West Bengal .lols joking


Thank you so very much so you already moved in ??? sorry for the ignorance

Not Yet moved in.
Weighing in a job offer to finally decide.

BTW, where in Nairobi do you stay? what do  you do in Nairobi?
Myself seeking assistance in analyzing the job-offer.


i stay in lavington here for the last one n half years . Working as a senior brand manager for Eastern African region. Hey btw what's your name and what field you are into


That's great!! Whats your name & do you come from India??

As for myself, my name is Aroop. I currently work as a Business Manager with responsibility for India/South Asian regions.

I am discussing a job-offer in Nairobi area, with a Kenyan company with Kenyan-Indian ownership.
They are talking of a monthly net pay of 260K Ksh + plus furnished family accomodation + family medical coverage + car with mileage reimbursement + annual to-&-fro economy air fare for self & family. All costs of work-permit, self/family visa, air fares (arriving in Nairobi) and dependent passes will be company's liability.
School (01 child) & Utility expenses will be my responsibility. Accomodation offered is in gated community in South C.

Kindly suggest if this works out to a good package in Nairobi for a decent life, with savings potential, considering I am a 15+ years experienced business management professional.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/inputs.


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