Here we go again? Hurricane Maria...

Is the possibility of a track from the south better or worse for north coast....I would think mountain ranges would soften the blow a bit... anyone concerned? I imagine Punta Cana might suffer more with that trajectory...

South better, but it still not looing good.  Looks like this will be my 9th. one.

Its not looking good! Everyone should be preparing again.

Actually this morning shows the track a bit further north and the eye is expected to pass us over 80 miles off the coast.  Hurricane winds extend only 25 miles or so and tropical storm winds up to 125 miles.  But the bulk of the wind is to the north and east of the storm.  It seems a bit further north with each update.  A Hurricane hunter is currently flying the storm now so more of an update at 8 or so.
It looks like some wind (not too bad) and rain (4 inches or more) will be in store for us.
Still make sure you are prepared for the worst.

Bob K

That is better news than being stated up here. Thanks - I will pass this along. Still, keeping everyone in my prayers.......

I noticed too the current tract seems to be moving well north of the island. Definitely will be a storm but not maybe even a severe as the last.

We're hoping it'll turn a bit more to the north!

All of us too!

Start blowing northward!  ;)

And this bad girl has turned her path somewhat further south. Lets see what the next update shows!

Regardless she is carrying a lot of rain a d there w8ll be stormsurge again!  Red alert Puerto Plata and east all the way around to la romana. Everywhere else is yellow so be prepared.

Always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Mother Nature missed us with her first shot, but she reloaded & has us in her sights once more.   I hope her vision is as bad as mine.  Good luck all!

Hello everyone,

This link may help you to follow the trajectory of hurricane Maria:

Stay safe everyone!

As of this morning she is pounding PR and they will have wide spread devastation there.  Here it appears that the track is a bit further north and she will pass about 90 miles off the coast. So some wind, lots of rain, heavy surf but not too bad.  Certainly not as bad as it could be.
Here is an interesting link to see how close she will be.  look under the radar image on the top of the page to the "tools" of the various storms.  Then click on closest point for Maria and you will see the current distances.

Bob K

Please head north Maria! :)

I find myself singing Sound of Music's "...How do solve a problem like Maria...How do you catch a cloud and pin it down..." Or how do you catch a whole nasty swirling storm cloud...and make it stop!

It's easing up a bit in Las Terrenas. Actually seemed a worst storm than Irma was here.

Thanks for sparing Cabrera, Maria!

Was worse than Irma.

Not too bad in the Sosua area.
Alicia beach is 2/3 gone

Bob K

Lots of damage in the Punta Cana area but it could have been so much worse.  Electricity and internet are still off and on.  The electrical crews have had lots of work with many broken and fallen pole lines all over the bavaro/punta cana area.  Lots of wind damage, uprooted trees and destroyed plant life, almost every sign and billboard damaged, down, twisted metal, lots of windows broken,  more water and flooding closer to the beach areas and resorts, Friusa, cortecito, los corales.  All in all we will recover in a few weeks...

Irma got most of the weaker trees. There wasn't much damage overall here in Cabrera! So sad for the thousands in Puerto Rico, Dominica & all the other little islands who lost everything.

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