Need a special need tutor (for Down syndrome)

Hi I'm a mother of 11 years old girl with Down syndrome.. she was studying at the multi national school she speaks both English and Arabic and she knows how to writ some words and sentences and little reading. I want a special need tutor to work at the house like 6 hours a day ,working on the behavior of my girl plus to make a schedule for study to work to play and Making any actives like exercise or dancing or cooking etc.. if some one is qualified for this Work please contact me
thank you so much ..

Hi Haya.A.N,

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Feel free to drop a detailed advert in the Teaching job offers in Riyadh section of the website. Your ad will benefit from more visibility and suitable candidates will be able to contact you directly.

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Hello, are you saudi? I could help the girl but if you are a saudi then it would be hard as I only speak english.


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