moving to Lliria

Can anyone give me information on living in Lliria, we are possibly going to buy a property here (retirement calls) and would love any feedback from people who know the area. Thanks in advance

Hi we live in L Eliana not far from Lliria very nice place Valencia is very close and lovely.

Spanish is so essential here so if you dont know any Spanish get learning

When are you planning to move


Paul,we are looking at property in Lliria 3rd of October. Thanks for your reply it's nice to know we're looking in a nice place and it's also good to know we need some command of the Spanish language. Although neither of us speak Spanish at the moment, like you say we had best get learning.

What did you think of llyria when you went in October

Hi we are looking to move to Lliria soon. Are there many ex pats living in this area.

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