Cool districts to live and play in Hyderbad

We're coming to Hyderabad sometime before Christmas for 2 years. Anyone who lives in Hyderabad please give your thoughts on cool places to rent an apartment as well as cool bars, restaurants, gyms, etc. Is there a good country club we might join?

It would be good to gives pros and cons for your suggestions - i.e. Renting an apartment in the XYZ complex is good as its close to the best restaurants / bars and shops as well as having a pool and gym for residents. The downside is that the pool is taken over by small children and their Nannies during the day.

We have a very generous allowance for rent and want a two bedroom apartment. We currently live in Knightsbridge London, so would like something up-market with an international crowd as neighbours.

Very happy to hear from estate agents, but please tell me upfront.

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