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Hi, I am a Canadian and I lived in Cuba 6 months a year for four years. I am thinking of going to Colombia this year. In your opinion is it possible to find a nice accommodation in Santa Marta or the surrounding area for a budget of about $ 400 US per month? Any information welcome. Thanks

Well first off I don't know the answer to ur ques but I seriously doubt it. And I too would like to have some idea of prices of a safe decent accommodations in Santa Marta or a close fishing village where I could rent a small fishing boat and fish.
But I live in San Antonio, a pretty nice pueblo outside rionegro and I pay 1.2 million COP (about $400 USD) per month in rent. And in order not to have a fiadore I pay 6 mo in advance.
Hope somebody that's more knowledgeable than me is able to answer your question.

Thanks feedback appreciated! Difficult to get info from expats

Some people have good experiences with airbnb, some don't.  Sometimes you can get a discount, too, for longer stays - it all depends on the person offering the rental.  At the very least it gives you a base from which to look around further:

https://www.airbnb.com/s/Santa-Marta--C … ide%5B%5D=

already done saw the discounts 10-25% a month Osage but theres a lot of common room-housing ''hostal'' different from Cuba when you can rent a casa particular for $15us a day. I keep looking for November thanks!

Cuba, where most of the population is lucky to make $20 US a month, is of course a different story than Colombia, which has a free market economy in comparison and not only foreigners but Colombians benefit.

You can also look in Locanto, for apartments and rooms, many listings are by the owners, under Inmobiliaria and then clicking on Apartamentos en arriendo and Habitaciones en arriendo:


Gracias hermano!

I agree Osage...apples and oranges cuba and colombia. Ive never been to cuba but i know several gringos here that visited there and well they were happy to get back to colombia. Two said screw it and left early to get back. But you seem to know a lot...def more than me on colombia in ur previous posts.  do you have any idea at all about how much apts in safe neighborhoods cost in santa marta or close safe neihborhoods close to there? You can get a cheaper place where i live but well prices so cheap that ive got a 4 br 3 full bath crib and can cruise around at 3 am by myself no prob here. Hell safer than back home in florida. Nice neighbors and a few nice hospitals about 5 min away by taxi or bus. I really like san antonio except no fishing up here in the mountains.
And i dont need a place this big. 2 or preferrably 3 brs fine. Just, besides the price i wanted extra room for all my friends and fam when they visit.

FLRay, I have never been to Santa Marta so all I can suggest is to visit and ask around.  Of course you can look at on-line listings for what they're worth:
https://www.google.com/search?q=santa+m … p;ie=UTF-8

Here at this link, most everyone says it's not at all dangerous, except maybe Taganga, which one poster says is full of foreigners!  But another says it's not dangerous, and that the usual precautions apply, as everywhere in Colombia:
https://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowTopic-g2 … Depar.html

Others say the barrio Las Tres Cruces is a good one - to stay away from.

Osage, Like Majito said, gracias hermano!

OsageArcher :

the usual precautions apply, as everywhere in Colombia

I would add: as everywhere in the world  :cool:

Majito, I pretty much agree about precautions everywhere. But um..I have lived in safer places. I personally really like Colombia but there are (as you said like everywhere in the world) dangerous places here. Places my Colombian amigos have told me they won't go and I shouldn't either. Sometimes I'll read an article in a mag like say IL and they'll be talking about some great prices in a really nice bldg in like a place I know in say Medellin and it scares me. Because well yeah it is a great price for a really nice place but the location is just not safe especially at night. And even more so for some gullible (not you) gringo with limited espanol. Personally I've never had an issue but I am careful. And really most Colombians are really nice people...the ones I've met anyway.

We moved from WA. State and now live in Rodadero, Colombia just 4k from Santa Marta proper.
What are looking for? 1 bedroom, 2, furnished, not furnished, pool, beach? Any ideas?
Let me know

Hi jmb, I am looking only for 1 bedroom furnished of course. Whats important for me is the kitchen to cook and a large patio ideally on a second floor so I can be quiet to write my book. Peace and quiet not too far from the beach but Im used to walk or take the guagua. No offense but Rodadero is the high priced barrio, no? Thanks

Its a small tourist beach town. Has everything we need all with in a short walk.
Let me ask around. I know we have a casa in our cojuntos for rent. Our cojuntos is 11 casas . Small quiet pools about 2 blks from the beach.
Im not sure if the Coldwell reality in Santa Marta has rentals but it doesnt hurt to look at there web page. We bought our casa thru them. Very professional.
I'll be in Santa Marta Wed. I'll ask around

Thanks my plan is to be there around the first of November

Jmb I am taking my 4th trip to Rodadero and I will be arriving Oct 16 for 4 nights then going back to Cartagena. I haven't reserved a place yet. I would like to meet you when I get there. I am thinking of moving to Rodadero early next year and bringing my two dogs with me for a 6 month stay. I will be looking for a place to rent for 6 months.   Thanks Rick

Good morning
Sounds good. Just send me a message to set up a date and time.

for rentals

There is plenty of low-cost housing available in SM because the city is poorer than other cities in the country. Incomes are lower & there are much less employment opportunities available.

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