Teacher Training?

Hello everyone,

I am Canadian and while I previously lived overseas in South Korea, I returned home a couple years ago. I am now looking to return to teaching overseas, since finding teaching positions in certain parts of Canada are very difficult.

I have a B.A. in Communications and English Literature and a B.Ed with a focus on the Primary/Junior Division (Kindergarten to Grade 6). I worked as a casual employee for an Early Years Center for almost 12 years and besides teaching during my year in Teacher's College, I taught English for over two years in Korea. I am also current working toward a Library Technician degree/certification.

I'm looking at both Japan and the UAE as places I'd like to teach. I'm trying to get more information about orientation and training. Once I arrive on UAE soil, what type of training is given, if any? Will I have a curriculum given to me to work from or will I just be thrown into a classroom without any preparation? Will I be assisting someone else or vice versa?

I want to be confident about moving forward in my applications to the UAE so I'd love to get some feedback from those of you who have the benefit of experience. I still feel very much like a new teacher at times so some guidance is welcomed.

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