Renewal of passport.

Good evening everyone, just newly here I need help in Philippine embassy in Oslo. I married here in Norway and my passport will expire next year July. I read in the website and said that 6 months validity before expiration date and need to renew. My husband didn't like to renew in winter so I prefer to renew next month. My problem is that, the form I need to fill up is both the renewal of passport and change single to marriage? Pls. I need help  because I confused about it. And also how to get and appointment date on schedule? Anyone can help me here? Thank you so much.

Hi you can both do it at the same time, just complete all the docs they needed from you, download all the forms you need to submit and you can always call the embassy should you need clearer instructions on how to file your report of marriage and renewing your passport.

Hello Alina thank you for the reply, I already finished my RM reporting of marriage in embassy. What I want for now is that change my status as single to marriage in my passport so, my question is that do I need to fill up the 2 forms which is renewal of passport and change status? anyways your reply is highly appreciated thanks a lot Alina. Do I need to ask an appointment for an schedule or they accept there for walk in applicant? Thanks!

Hi! If you reported your marriage to the embassy already, then you would have a MARRIED civil status and as you fill out the forms for renewal of passport you can tick the box there for MARRIED status. Yes its better to call them for an appointment bec I am not sure if they allow walk-ins. Lykke til! :)

Thank you Alina. God bless you.

Hi I just want to ask  how can I renew my passport here in Norway?
I really need your help.

Thank you,.

glendora_19 :

Hi I just want to ask  how can I renew my passport here in Norway?
I really need your help.

Thank you,.

Hello glendora, you can renew your passport just follow the instructions in HERE

Hello everyone, do I need to get an  appointment to renew passport at phils embassy Oslo?
I have tried to call the embassy many times but they didnt  answer the phone.

Hi Alina, i hope you can help me. I'm planning to renew my passport with my husbands surname this month but i'm confused if i must change my surname to skatteetaten first and submit the certificate/attest to the embassy if they need a copy? Thank you. Your reply is highly appreciated. :)

I suggest renewing and changing your name in your passport first. Then do the changing at skatteetaten when you receive your new passport, since your passport is your international identification document and if skatteetaten ask you for validation of your new name you have your passport ready. As for me they just made a friendly call to ask if I have updated the name in my passport too and I said yes.

They aren't strict so you can actually choose whichever is convenient for you first.

Hi Stephy25, thank you so much for your reply. I think I’m in trouble now. Because I already changed my surname yesterday and then I received today a reply from skatteetaten that said I can now use my husband's surname :( Will going to Phil. embassy next week to report my marriage and renew my passport. Hoping that everything will be okay. God bless :)

Like I said , I don't think there would be a problem if you change name at skatteetaten first. They are not very strict regarding where you first changed your name as long as you do it all in accordance to their requirements :)

Hi to everyone. I just entered this site and need some help and information in regards to renewing of passport. Is there anyone here who renewed their passport lately? How long is the processing time? And do the embassy have a «rush» process. Thank you for the help and answers.

Hi Everyone! I wonder if everyone is still active here since this conversation thread is over a year already. I just want to ask if someone has idea if I can report my marriage that was held in Norway in the Philippines. It happens that I did not report it yet in Philippine embassy in Norway and I applied my residence permit here in Philippine and I just found out that it is a requirement for the cfo seminar. I am hoping that I get an answer from anyone here. Thank you so much in advance.

Hello Loraine0716,

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I would suggest that you start a new thread on the Norway forum to ask your question.

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I see. Thank you☺️

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