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I’m looking to move to Mauritius Jan 2018 (working in Ebene Cybercity)  – a few questions:

1.)    How safe is it?  Most property websites mention secure/24hr secusrity….etc..makes me somewhat nervous?

2) I’m gay in a same sex partnership (UK Civil Partnership) – how does this this fit with a move?

3) What’s the general cost of living like.  Can anyone recommend a decent car rental firm?  Month renatal




1) Mauritius is a safe country but like elsewhere, opportunistic crimes do exist. Private security today comes as a basic utility just like gas, water, power and internet but also a big business.
Simply put, better have it and know it's there than leave your property unsecured.

2)  Same-sex relationships are not recognized in Mauritius from a legal and to a large extent, a cultural standpoint too.
Not sure if you can convert a civil partnership into a marriage in Mauritius and in any way, being in a same-sex relationship might further complicate matters.

3) Cost of living can vary from one extremity to the other depending on your routine expenditures, lifestyle, culinary habits, activities, etc.
From living in a small apartment to a big luxury villa, from shopping for local goods at a roadside market to buying imported items from a big supermarket, from cooking at home to eating at touristy restaurants every night, from swimming at the nearest beach to playing golf at a 5* can save yourself a bunch of cash or at the other end, dig huge holes in your pocket.

Lots of rental firms each providing different brands of cars and offering different services...there are the international agencies and also local ones...
There a popular one closest to the airport:

Hi Charles,

I have read some of your posts and feedback from readers. It seems, you got good advises.

In Cybercity and its access roads there is every day a big chaos during rush hours. It makes sense to live in such case in cities like Quatre-Bornes, Rose-hill etc.

Even there, you are not that far from the beach. And consider how often you will go to your work place and how often to the beach per week???

Concerning your transport: usually the companies provide shuttle service to their employees.

I am wondering why you yourself look for an accommodation and not your employer if you are moving with the company?

Mauritius is not that dangerous. It depends on the area and if you are careful as usual, you don't have to fear anything.

In case, you are looking for a flat in Quatre-Bornes, I can help you. The flat is approx. 3 km far from Cybercity.  It is in a residential & safe area. If you are interested, let's discuss privately.

Kind regards,

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