Would like to know more about moving in Kapfenberg

I am thinking of moving to kapfenberg with family for job.
But bit sceptical about city.
How is city? Or its just a small countryside?
Are there any good schools?
Is education quality good?
Any chances of Part time jobs for females?

Thank you in advance.


Kapfenberg, with around 23,059 inhabitants, is the third largest city in Styria, Austria, near Bruck an der Mur. The town's landmark is Burg Oberkapfenberg. Its main employer is the steel manufacturer Böhler.
The town has a swimming complex, a football stadium (Franz Fekete Stadium) used by the club Kapfenberger SV, and an ice rink. The Kapfenberg Bulls is a team in the Österreichische Basketball Bundesliga, the highest professional basketball league in Austria.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
Is it a small town? Bcause here in India we are living in metro city like Mumbai.
So i am concerned about that will we b able to adjust there in Kapfenberg?

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