Who I am and why I am here

Hi everyone at expat.com!

I am a Filipino expatriate here in Phnom Penh.  I've just been here barely a month, but this early, I already intend to stay in the country for the long haul.

I like the people here, very much like in my own country in terms of hospitality, humility, optimism and the readiness and willingness to help.  Besides that, I am beginning to love Khmer food because of their taste and healthfulness.  There's no healthier food than those made up of herbs, green leaves, backyard chicken, wild fish and meat from grass-fed cattle. Cambodian pho, nom banh chok, banh chiao, kuy teav, kangkeb (frog) and fish amok are my personal favorites.  Little wonder then obesity is not much of an issue in this part of the world.  Majority of the Cambodians are lanky but healthy.  Thanks to their food.

The quality of air is another factor why I choose to resettle here in the Pearl of Asia.  While many countries are grappling with pollution, Cambodia does not.  Part of the reason is the people's penchant for vehicles that run on gasoline, rather than on diesel.  Hence, for someone who sometimes puts up with respiratory problems, clean air proves to be a big come-on.

And, of course, Cambodia is one of the booming countries in the region.  Most everywhere we notice construction boom.  Hotels and other businesses are sprouting -- like mushrooms after the rain -- not only in Phnom Penh but in other places as well.  Tourists are arriving in droves in two points of entry, namely Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport, Siem Reap being the seat of the famed Angkor Wat.

My decision to stay here, however, is dependent on whether I could find a job or come across anything that could provide me with some income to sustain my stay here.

Judging from your post you seem to have excellent English skills. I suggest looking for a job teaching English.

Hi hammyt!

Thanks very much for the compliment!

Indeed I have an above-average command of the English language -- both written and oral -- and a university degree and some master's units, to boot. 

It is primarily for that reason that I submitted my CV to several schools last week in the hope of landing a teaching job (ESL) in any of them.  But I have yet to receive a call from any of them.

My guess is that I am not a native English speaker, so they may have passed me up for other applicants who have English as their mother tongue.

But I am not losing hope.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of these days, especially after the pchum benh festivities are over, I will receive the highly sought-after call.

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