Bringing a filipina to Portugal

Hello everyone, I´m portuguese, I´ve met a girl from Philippines 8 months ago, we´re dating since then. On these last months we´ve been working on the schengen visa so she can come to Portugal, I´ve been searching for a lot of hours on the web, going to institutions and a filipno restaurant to ask for informations. I need someone that has been on my situation, a couple or a portuguese married with a filipina or vice-versa that can me help on what I can do to make sure the shengen visa is approved, so she can come here the first time I already sent her term of responsability/invitation letter, stating that I´m the one responsable for all the expenses while she stays here. She lives in a hard life condition like most of the filipinos. she has a brilliant mind. I just want to bring her here.
These last months have been psychologically frustrating, she went to the Greek embassy for the 1st appointment, but 1 document provided by her company wasn´t correct. Her job is extremely harmful, so she cannot stay there much longer..she needs a proof that she will come to Philippines again..
would appreciate any help or info possible, please.

hi there. Try to contact Portuguese embassy in Jakarta Indonesia since there is no embassy or consul in the philippines for the Schengen Visa travelling to Portugal.I am a filipina living in Portugal for 4 years already.

thank you very much for the reply, there is the greek embassy that represents Portugal since 2013, and thats the one my girlfriend is gonna apply to the Schengen, can u tell me how it was coming to Portugal the first time, was is hard? what are the most important issues the embassy is gonna put attention on?

I didnt know about this greek embassy because i applied first also to italian embassy (since we were thinking is still a schengen visa and we were thinking just to hop in or travel to portugal after arriving italy) but upon applying, i was refered again to portuguese embassy of portugal in jakarta indonesia. it was my husband really who did everything the talk so i didnt know. basically its just supplying all the requirements that was needed by the embassy.

and i have been working to an italian company cruiship for nearly 7 years. been to UK for vacation, been out of the country so many times and i always come back without "disobeying rules" of immigration so i think i have a clean background check. my husband provide all the requirements like he will pay for my expenses. i had plane ticket back and forth and i really went home to Philippines after 3 weeks.

Can you tell me or if possible I can have the opportunity to ask questions to your husband so I can know what more I can do to bring her to Portugal, and eventually find her a job, marry her , so She can stay here on my country?

i very doubt that idea but i can recomend you to a group page. in facebook page, search for filipino portuguese community where it is a group of filipinos working and living in Portugal. Members are married to portuguese, some are not but are all living here in Portugal. everything you wanted to know, you can asked everyone there. Goodluck

I appreciate that, thank you for the information once again. Best regards.

pode se quiser contactar

Olá. Eu estou na mesma situação... a minha namorada é filipina, actualmente a trabalhar em Macau. Pelo que li na página do Instituto dos Registos e Notariado, no caso de pessoas casadas, será relativamente fácil conseguir a autorização de permanência... como conseguiu resolver a vossa situação?

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