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Hello all,
My name is Emily. I am a 31 year old teaching assistant currently living in Denver,CO. I have been working in education directly in an elementary school classroom for 7 years. I am currently working on finishing the last 10 credits for my bachelors degree while pursing a teaching license. Although I do a great deal of teaching everyday, I want to take my skills/experience -and teach in Vietnam. My plan is to move, likely to Saigon, by June of 2018. I have a great desire to travel the world and hope to be given a chance to use the gift of the English language to further my career as well as be exposed to another country. I love children and I work very well with them. My only concern is that without my bachelors degree finished in time I may have trouble securing a job and/or work visa. I'm eager to see what the world has to offer and pursue my dreams! Thank you for your time and I would gladly take any wisdom and advice you all have for me.

Get your degree sorted first.
That isn't for the good of your chances of a job in Vietnam, it's for your long term career.
Once you have your degree, the world is your playground.

My advice - With mind to safety, get out and learn what the world is. Foreign travel will teach a million things your teachers and lecturers don't even know exist.

Last one ... pack a wide open mind.

Well said, thanks!

Wot Fred said. Especially the bit about the wide open mind and I would add that after arrival here you may find that your logic circuits need a little adjustment.

Hello Everyone,

Two weeks ago, my son Karlo, his wife and my grandson went on a one week visit to Ho Chi Minh City where his friend, Allain's sister live for 12 years now. She teaches English to young school children, a short distance from their residence.

They're back home with plenty of very cheap goodies and a lot nice stories about their visit in Vietnam.

1. For the last 12 years, there's no earthquake, no typhoon, no police with gun to man
    the traffic, yet motorists and bikers flows smoothly.
2. Vietnamese white smooth complexion they say, is the result of pleasant climate,
    eating lots of fresh sea foods, live fish caught in the city rivers, fruits, veggies and
    drinking green tea!

Soon I will retire and would love to live in a peaceful city, where sun and air is gentle, fresh foods are cheap and internet is fast :) And hopefully, make good use of my gained experience and knowledge in simple Computer programming, Model making, Industrial designing and others in Vietnam and nearby places.

May Peace and Success be upon Us!

Waldo - Author-Inventor
Member: Filipino Inventor's Society Inc.

Live long and prosper!

Thank you for your gentle words, Sir!

That is a description of Saigon that oddly sounds both sincere and and fantasy at the same time.  :unsure

Waldo, unfotunately the air in Saigon for most of the year is very polluted, rather than "gentle".

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