a fairly new arrival looking for some orientation.

heya fellas.

in brief, i'm an early 30's european national in saigon on a job hunt, thought i'd put this here for any tips or advice you guys could maybe give me.

i graduated biology and chemistry long ago in the ancient past and haven't really done any related work cept for few months as a lab rat in a biotech research institute.

mostly i've done IT (and, well, other things, like customer support, construction building, working for one sleazy investment brokerage, etc... but those seem a little less relevant in the case of me in vietnam) — Linux systems administration, server support, infosec... things of that nature.

lately have been teaching myself data science and statistics (with Python), along with exploring the workings of blockchain and it's component technologies — partly out of genuine interest, partly to keep myself occupied and pass the time (rather than waste it).

that aside, have done some sporadic writing and editing here and there, and am perfectly fluent in English (can do you any accent you like, lol) — actually like teaching, as in explaining things i understand well enough to break them down in an manner that relates and feeling that A-HA! moment on the other side.

alas though, i do not 'officially' have any experience teaching, if we exclude a thing or two online here and there, helping a cousin and my girlfriend (who is Taiwanese) and some of my mates back in university...

and neither do i hold any teaching certificates. matter of fact, neither do i have my incomplete university diploma (i ditched it 3 semesters away from graduating), which i imagine makes things a bit more complicated.

i wouldn't at all mind, say, a bartender job —  even wanted to get a bartender job in my time living in prague, but none of my friends owning bars or pubs there welcomed the idea of me bartending on their premises cos they said i was an alcoholic. ALTHO, even if i had been drinking a little heavier back there and then 5 years ago, i been quite sober since.

all in all, am open to anything, and the prospect is — if things go relatively smoothly, to stay here for at least an year. my gf will at some point arrive too — she excels in traditional chinese, and her english is quite decent (in case there might be any market for that skill around here).

anyway, thanks for taking the time to read through my post. :)

Teach English is all you can do here in Vietnam. Everything else is certainly out of reach for you.

i get that feel, tho was hoping it weren't the case

I see you can do any accent, what about an Australian accent that's passable

BTW, English teaching is your best bet, but try someone like Vietnamworks for possible positions.

Work remotely online for a company in your home country. Even part time 1st world wages is enough to live in the 3rd world.

Don't see any reason why you couldn't get a bar job in the expat part of HCMC?

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