Employment Pass (E Pass pending) but got email from MOM


My company applied EP for me last month (mid of August) and the status is still pending.  However, I got an email from MOM that told me the processing time will be at least 3 months as they need to carry out more check. I am confused, because as far as I know, nobody has ever gotten any email from MOM directly. Again, this email is not forwarded from my company, but rather MOM sent it to me last week. Has anyone ever experienced this email? My friends from same university (but different major) applied last year and got their EP approved within 3-4 weeks.

*I am Indonesian-Chinese, 22, graduated from US Ivy league university with 1 year experience working in NY.

There could be a possibility that during apply time your employer might have mentioned your mail ID as for future correspondence or during posting query at MoM site to know about the current status of your application. Hence, MoM has responded to the email as mentioned in the query or at the time of apply.

If you read the forum threads, you must have understood that each application has its merits and MoM consider case by case. So, if your friend from same university got in 4 weeks, not necessarily you will too get in 4 weeks. You may get earlier to that period or later. Have patience and good  luck.

I have never heard of such notifications from MoM directlky to the job seeker, but it would be a nive (and long overdue) service improvement. Thanks for telling us that this is now possible!

Thanks guys for possible explanation for the email. By the way, I am trying to contact MOM by email (feedback/enquiry from their website) and ask them the status. I heard some people got feedback from MOM when they asked them (email or call). Will they reply my enquiry? What do you guys think?

They will update you the status of your application in one or two line. Don't expect an explanation or a detailed response.

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