Rent/Living in Cyprus

I am considering to move from Ireland to Cyprus with my daughter.

I have been living in Greece before for a few years so my language including German, Greek, English and bits of Spanish offers me quite a few opportunities to work and I am very intrigued.

Now the question:
When I lived in Thessaloniki and was working in a Hotel (Guest Relation Manager) and also other greek companies I found it it s not enough to live on.
How is it in Cyprus as I would be coming with my daughter.
How is the situation in Cyprus?

Any tips where to rent, areas etc?

I appreciate ANY tip...

thanks :-)

renting here in cyprus all depends on budget, where you wish or need to be for working, schooling, transport requirements, socialising and networking, pets, healthcare/medication requirements etc

all these things have a bearing on your choice

costs of living here is also a very subjective matter in that we are all different and demand different things our choices are mostly very different. It all depends on what it is you come here for, be very very clear what it is that you and your family want from  your real day to day living experience.

Holidaying and  short stays are a very very different experience to the reality of day to day living here...

Manage your expectations and you will be fine

I did post a costs comparison already in this blog earlier  it will give you a good idea of things ok

copied here for you

personal expense here  is a difficult one to judge as its all dependent on your real budget, accom, transport whether you need to work or not, whether there are children or family to consider, managing expectations is important, and of course the  lifestyle you want and can afford.... we are all different but we live no differently to the way we lived when in malta but a far better lifestyle than uk and its the same for us here, we are just as careful and we spend similar amounts - where things are cheaper here we spend the savings on the things that are more expensive  - so its swings and roundabouts really.

this is for two people and are based in monthly costs
for example here you will get good high quality 2-3 bed apartments and townhouses for €300-450 a month villas with own pools from €450-700.... water is very very cheap at 0.40-0.60c per 1000L  electric is i think an expensive commodity here but almost all houses here have solar panels for heating your water (excellent even in winter) so that helps... 0.13-0.16c per unit for everyone but then there is the extras fuel surcharges PSO vat etc ..... our average bills between €120-150 per two months but that includes a pool pump running 4-6hrs per day -  and water is about €35 per three months

food stuffs well thats a very personal thing our budget for that is about €100 per week (we usually shop at Lidls and the local supermarkets, but you soon find out where to shop... rarely do we use it all.. milk eggs and chicken are I think expensive here but we buy chicken in bulk when the offers are on whereas lots of other stuff fruit veg etc is so so cheap and good quality.......the same applies for going out socialising with friends, we probably go out on average 2-3 times per week average spend is maybe €15-20... when we eat out it can be anywhere between €10-25 per head.....but again we make sure we get the local 10-15% discount cards from the bars etc and we know where to eat and drink at a decent level without paying thru the nose... we tend to keep the "higher end" restaurants for special occasions.

Fags (€4-5 per pack) and drinks (€2-2.50) are cheap

the exchange rate movements are important and I personally follow it closely and make adjustments and exchanges when it is best to do so... investments are moved accordingly to ensure they are fully covered by the Depositor Compensation Scheme etc - its worked well for us in the 10 years we ve lived abroad and not  having worked at all in that time - so its just as important to get your financials in place before moving.

I would suggest that what you do is use this  - set out the budget as follows to cover your expectations

monthly spread of expense

Rent - (depends on property)but our 2 bed FF DG bungalow & basement pool drive carport and gardens-€500)
Rubbish/Communal charges - (often included in rents on many complex properties-some include water too) maybe €10-15)
Contents Insurance - (€5 -many dont bother with this we do as we have got about €15k of our own stuff)
Pool Maintenance if applicable - €50-80 (we do our own pool about €10 per month)
Heathcare Insurance and Private Ambulance cover - (min cover €15/mth each and ambulance cover at €20/mth each) there are more expensive policies bit we are mostly healthy and reasonably fit.. our first policy here cost us over €700 each per yr
Life Insurances - (uk policies we have had for yrs ( joint cover at €18/mth)
Water - (with pool €12  - without pool €8)
Elec - (this can be anywhere between €45-75)
Gas - (€30 per month but only for dec to feb incl) best to use AC imo as its safer ad healthier)
Mobile Phone - (PAYG units buy unlocked units in uk - very cheap to run) we simply buy a €10 top up and lasts ages)
Internet - expensive here (6mbps min required here for tv - €25-30) plus install of approx €100)
Smoking / vaping - (€150 - the missus has now given this up completely 24months now - so a massive saving)
Hairdressing and nails etc - (€15-35 for hair (not mine i shave) - €25 for nails)
Clothing purchases - (cant assess this to be honest - clothing and shoes arent cheap)
Opticians - (varies)
Dentistry- (varies)
Doctors - (varies)
Car - (depends if you are bringing your own or buying here new or second hand) cars here tend to hold their price really well
Car Servicing  - (€10-15)
Fuel - (€60)
Road tax - (€5-10 depending on car co2 etc)
Car Insurance - (€20-25 depending on car, users, ages etc) 
Spends - (we budget €450 but usually spend far less)
Groceries - (we budget €450 but usually spend far less)
Pet food, cat lit etc (if applicable) we have our own cat and have been recently adopted by a feral one to so - probably €80)

hope this helps

Oh Toon you are fantastic, thanks so much for all this information.

I think I have a vague idea of living in Cyprus due to my years in Greece but I have a feeling the conditions of life are better in Cyprus.

Car insurance seems really cheap thats fantastic as I would bring my Vauxhall Meriva over 139 co2 emission as its quite new and I love it.

Well I just figure out how that will work with a full time job for me with a general wage about 1000 euro and a rent of 350/400 Euro as my daughter and me we want to settle there long term.

I just love that greek style of life from language to culture, anything really.

My ford fiesta 3 1300 cc vehicle 2014 is only €60 per yr and thats a co2 of 120

the wages here are very low average €3-5 depending on your skill set  - if you speak the language as i suspect you probably do then that may well make all the difference for you and potentially open many more doors to you than a solely english speaker -  good luck

Yes I was fluent even working on greek computer systems and still are kind of fluent and can write and deal with greeks quite well I guess ;-)
So I hope to be able to have more possibilities there in Cyprus as the UK influence is there.
In Greece itself VERY difficult and NO employee rights at all.
Well preparation is all.

Thanks for all the information Toon you seem to live quite a while there :-)

only three years  - but learn quickly  - previously spent 6yrs living in Malta

Fantastic to meet more Nomads like myself ;-)

And Cyprus it is for you now?
I love the idea going back to my "greek roots" but still having a bit of a quality of life.
So I just try to figure out if you can survive on having a job in Cyprus and living decent with a teen there.
I am very interested and intrigued and time is pushing me a bit here in Ireland too... so wish me luck :-)

yes we love it here as its so much better than life in Malta in many many ways  = Malta was ok and an eye opening experience but couldnt see it being our final resting place Cyprus is a definite contender for that -  we have only one regret - -  that we didnt move here first  lol

as for how it will pan out = who knows until you try and commit to making it work - we took the risk albeit a calculated risk and committed to making it work just as we did in Malta and it works for us

good luck

Thanks a lot yes you are right even it is also different when you have a child with you and not a big cushion in savings in the background  ;)

But its great to have found this forum to get necessary information first hand...
I hope you don't mind if I might contact you again :-)

Evcharisto para poly ;-)

Your information is great but are these monthly amounts or annual.
Thank you

KarenMunro :

Your information is great but are these monthly amounts or annual.
Thank you


You must look at 'Glassdoor' website for the vacancies in the hotel hospitality industry in Cyprus, They are currently looking for personnel. One of the adverts had accommodation included. But better hurry as the 2020 season is about to begin,

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