Mechanic taking tools what are the risks?

Hi all hope your all well,
I intend to emigrate to Thailand in the next few months I have concerns taking my goods there as I cannot seem to get a definite answer from anyone!
I am thinking of taking my tools being a mechanic but concerned they will disappear? I have around £20,000 worth in my tool box, will they be safe?

Many Thanks  :)

You're also going to need to consider import duties and possible corruption.

Hope you get answers soon.

No duty on goods taken when retiring mate

Make a list of all items, tag each of them and place a copy in the toolbox.
Get a good insurance.

Was going to photograph each draw and make a list what you think AGLV0121?

Photographs of each item, a list and good insurance is a good place to start but no-one can give you the definitive answer you are looking for.  Things are not entirely black or white over here.  Chances are everything will be okay but there is also a chance you could be unlucky and come up against corruption or difficult customs or shipping agents.  If your tools are part of larger shipment of household goods things might be different again.  Good luck.

I am a woodworker, among other things. I have  some tools that would be very difficult to replace. The quality of the material is no longer available. If you have tools of that quality I personally would not risk shipping them and never being able to replace them on the open market. When it comes to certain things of high quality I am very picky and sensitive. My suggestion is to ship only those items that are readily replaceable. Just a thought.

Thanks but does that mean I sell all my tools? What do I use once I'm in Thailand?

Sounds like you won’t be happy until you get the answer you want so let me oblige.  Twenty thousand doesn’t sound like all that much so just pack it up and ship it.  No one will steal used tools and you don’t want to be without them, so just do it.  Everything works out in the end.  Be bold and go for it.

Thanks for that villagefarang will make sure they are insured! Do you know if I will have to pay tax on them if I'm retiring? cheers

I am not sure saying you are retired carries a lot of weight with customs officials.  I am guessing their decisions are more based on the classification of the goods your are bringing into the country.  I would be prepared to pay something and then count my blessings if I didn’t have to.

I contacted Customs and this is the response I'm even more confused now!!!!


Dear  Sir,

According to your question, firstly, we will clarify the meaning of personal effects and household effects to you for more understanding as below:

Personal Effects refer to items clearly identifiable as personal use, such as clothes, shoes, books, etc. These items at the time of his/her entry into the Kingdom of Thailand are exempted from customs duties.
However, such items do not include automobiles, weapons and ammunition, and food items.

Household Effects refer to other properties not considered personal effects and which were in the owner’s possession prior to his/her change of residence, such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, household decorations, etc., which have been previously used.
In the case of individuals entering the Kingdom of Thailand, only one unit each of such item is eligible for tax and duty free allowance.
In the case of a family change of residence, two units each of the items will be allowed to bring in tax and duty free. Items may be imported free of tax.
Any excess unit shall be subject to regular taxes and are charged according to the most highly priced unit or the unit subject to duties the highest tax rate respectively.
In the regulation of importing household effects, if you have been allowed to reside in Thailand by a non immigrant o visa, you cannot get duty free with your household goods.
But you will get duty free for some items which is personal effects only. And it is important that the personal effects must be imported not earlier than one month before or not later than 6 months after the arrival of the importers.
If your case matches the period above, when your belongings arrive to Thailand you have to submit an official letter for tax and duty free allowance, Import Declaration, list of personal effects, Passport, and other relevant documents to the Customs office at the port of entry.
Then Customs verifies the documents and the letter for tax and duty free allowance to you which you will get duty free all of items or not, it will depend on discretion of officer at there.

In addition, you can see the regulation for importing household effects at … _151007_02

On the other hand, if your qualification does not match the regulation on the website.
In case that you have to pay import duty normally, please let us clarify about how to check import duty for you that in part import duty rate depends on kind of products and HS code.
You can check it on The Customs Department's website for all of your items ( then choose topic "search for import tariff"
    1. Please type your HS code "Tariff Code 2, 4, 6 or 8 digit" or fill specific words related to your product and then click "search"
    2. Click at heading in no.1 again, it will display many sub headings.
    3. Choose the condition in the list box (Duty Reduction Column), the conditions will be display and the meaning of each condition are as follows:
        - To see the general rate, please click "General Rate (section 12)" and click show, the import rate will display.

**And the total import duty will be calculated by this formula:

Import duty = CIF x …% = Y
VAT    = (CIF+Y) x 7 % = Z
Total   = Y+Z
***To be more detailed: CIF is the sum of Cost (of the item), Insurance and Freight.

We hope this clarifies your concerns. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

If you have one set of tools that you've been using, its part of your personal property. It belongs to your household/personal effects.
    Dont make a big deal or a seperate issue out of it. What they don't want is you to import stuff, for example 20 tool sets, for resale.

I have quite a lot of tools but all used and older than 1 year, multiples I don't have so hope they should be Ok? It's just they say it's up to who ever is checking at the time? Thanks

I got my answer, if my tools are used and not duplicated then they are classed as personal/household goods so no tax :-)

I have another post that mentions my shipments under 1 year visa no flight back... read it might save you Thousands.   My things left Houston and About 2 months later were in Bangkok......  Picked them up at shipping terminal then headed to immigration and payed import..... read my post    here I copied and pasted it below.....   GL!

I to was told I needed flight back   Ticket here from Houston cost around 1200 US.  Then here I was told the extra monies for return portion of ticket were non refundable. If I was to do it again Id just buy a 1 way. if it turns out you have to have a return., I'd but it here  as  a ticket here back will be almost half the price... round trip to here and back was nearly 1300 and round trip from here cost me 850...   Go figure. Once here let the immigration know you are retiring and they gave me a visa for 30 more days. at the end of that I was given another 30 days which all told allows me to deposit funds in a thai bank that needed to be there for 60..... no I think 90 days in my case. This will save ya. so pay attention and maybe check it out to make sure... I didn't have much to bring with me and shipped things here a few days before I left. They arrived about 2 months after I got here. I picked them up with no trouble and payed about 200 US import fees.  A bit later I found out that if at time of pick up I had had a retirement visa there would have been no import fees. A 1 time only privileged.... Applies to a car to I was told, but one time only....  if I had  has things shipped say 5 weeks after I left id have saves a couple of hundred but if I has had a car would have been thousands......    an FYI

So your saying if I'm retiring tax is free on my tools and a car? Many thanks

yes but you must actually have the retirement visa in your passport  before you go to port .....  Good luck

That's great just sold my BMW 335d twin turbo! Would have been ideal for Thailand too!
I'm getting my retirement visa when there ready for shipment so hope all goes well many thanks

make the visa stuff top of your priority list need to have it with you when your possession arrive or import tax......  GL

Not on your car. You will pay up to 300% import duty.

As I said that's something I read maybe on here in 2013. I never personaly bought on over...

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